About Us

We import GasOil (Diesel) and MoGas (Octane) from direct refineries and distribute wholesale throughout Myanmar.

Our clients are B2B Customers that include: Retail Petrol Stations, Industrial users, Commercial users, and Mining applicants.

We do have company service stations but 85% of our sales are in wholesale segment.



Quality of Gasoil we sell is our “Company Image” and we always can guarantee that our Gasoil quality is the best available in the market from direct refineries.


Company Structure

  • Best Oil Company (BOC) PTE is a Singapore Registered Company
  • PT Power Company Limited and Best Oil Company Myanmar are Myanmar Registered Company
  • Both BOC and PT Power are part of the “PT Power Group”
  • Wholesale Trading Business will be done under both BOC and PT Power Company
  • Retail Shops will be operated under both BOC and PT Power Company